Human Givens therapy is the fastest, most effective treatment presently available. Research* shows that more than 3 in 4 clients were either symptom free or significantly recovered in an average of only 3.6 sessions; and that Human Givens therapy is 3 times more effective than the next most effective psychotherapy.


Here’s how Healthy Chat can help:


Therapy: for strong emotional & mental health

Counselling: for successful
life & career strategies

Coaching: for meaningful
life legacies


What are Healthy Chats?

Healthy Chats are innovative conversations which quickly move you from where you are to where you want to be. They can take place in one of our practices – Aberdeen, Montrose, Dundee, Edinburgh – or sometimes by Skype.

YOU as a client will have some idea of what you want as an outcome. If we haven’t already spoken by phone or email, you’ll have a brief conversation on arrival and get straight down to a detailed conversation about the changes you’d like to see as a result of us work together.

WE as practitioners are highly motivated and talented Human Givens therapists, counsellors and coaches. Each one of us is dedicated to:

• briefness – we want you to come in, be resourced and confidently move forward with life in as few sessions as that takes
• simplicity – in the language we speak, the methods we use and the strategies we teach
• respect and non-judgement – we each believe that there are only good, uplifting, hopeful conversations to be had.

We trust that our clients are fully resourced for the changes they want and that, for now, the simple act of borrowing a brain for a session or two is all it takes to create the space and perspective for a successful next life chapter.

What to do next?

Phone or email now to arrange a no-charge, 15-minute call with Jennifer. In that conversation you can talk through the outcomes you want to achieve and together we’ll get clear whether a Healthy Chat is the right decision for you for now.

* Research published in: Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice