Coaching: for meaningful life legacies

Healthy Chat Coaching is all about adding meaning to ambition. You’ll know if this type of conversation is right for you when you find yourself thinking something like:

‘I love my family, my home, my choices and am confident with how I see those progressing. I love my work and business and I’m motivated and inspired by it. Here’s the thing though … I just know there’s something more; something with meaning and purpose that I’m ready right now to get involved with.’

A Healthy Chat coaching conversation might be about your:

  • life choices and relationships
  • contribution to family & communities
  • ability to show up more authentically at home, at work, for yourself
  • small daily habits which, over time, make a huge positive difference
  • leadership skills
  • relationship with risk – and stretching beyond it
  • awareness of your unique purpose

You’ll leave these conversations:

  • knowing
    • what your next steps are
    • how to use your experiences for meaningful change
    • more about how your intuition works
  • sensing
    • a connection to your purpose
    • a deeper freedom
    • that less is often more
  • being
    • clear
    • motivated
    • inspired

Healthy Chat coaching is facilitated by a qualified Life Coach or Executive Coach. Sessions can be booked as a one-off or can evolve to a continuous program that’s regularly reviewed. Most ongoing, high performing coaching clients in time shift to 1 x 30-minute phone session per fortnight.

To book a Healthy Chat session, call or email now. You can also email for a free 15-minute phone conversation to discuss the outcome you’re looking for, explore how coaching will work for you and ask any questions.